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Canine Osteopathy Yateley

At Topline Osteopathy, my canine osteopathy treatments aim to improve flexibility and mobility in order to benefit the overall well-being of each dog. Ultimately this will lead to more effective recovery for an injured dog, as well helping to deliver a more pain free life in the future. The target is to find underlying issues for canines and find appropriate solutions that will benefit their quality of life. Dogs benefit greatly from regular exercise and activity, however, overwork can lead to joint stiffness and muscle pains. Canine osteopathy aims to use trusted osteopathic  techniques that focus on finding relief through holistic drug-free methods that hope to improve mobility for the canine.

I have years of experience in the industry and pride myself on providing the very best canine osteopathy service in Yateley. As a Registered Osteopath I have learnt the importance of these methods when it comes to a dog's overall health and well-being. It is a pleasure to see the huge benefits that these dogs gain as a result of osteopathic treatment, as a dog lover I find this extremely rewarding. I pride myself on the relationship I have with the animals I treat and place great value on the dog's experience throughout the treatment. Once a dog is at ease I will go through its health history and select the appropriate treatment. Using the basics of human osteopathy to deliver a specialist canine treatment that will improve the long-term health of the dog.

Get in touch with Topline Osteopathy today to find out more about the canine osteopathy that we can provide. To find out more please contact me at 07916783294 or, email at for the best osteopathy in Yateley.

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