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Equine Osteopathy for Health, Wellbeing & Performance

Based in Yateley, Hampshire - also service Berkshire & Surrey


Topline Osteopathy will provide the very best treatment in Yateley and the surrounding areas of Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey for your horse and pony. Using a range of techniques I provide equine osteopathy that is non-invasive and leads to better long-term health of the horse. The aim of the treatment is to better the overall well-being and performance of the horse. Using specialised techniques to find appropriate solutions that will help meet a range of goals. Equine osteopathy can be fantastic preparation for horses before an event, making sure they are at optimum performance and health. Treatment is also a great solution to injuries a horse may suffer from, improving their tissue health, circulation as well as their biomechanical functions.

My experience alongside animals allows the horse to feel comfortable and at ease before any treatment takes place. Once a full health check of the animal has taken place, I will go ahead with the physical assessment which will allow us to select an appropriate treatment, if any, to go forward with. In my experience it is common for owners to see and experience benefits after the first session. The number of sessions that each horse will need is dependent on the condition on a case to case basis. At Topline Osteopathy customer satisfaction is most important and I pride myself on delivering the highest quality service for an affordable price.

To find out more about the variety of equine osteopathy treatments that I can provide please feel free to get in touch with me today. Contact me at 07916783294 or via the Book Online tab.

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